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Fidel is the CEO of Omnicron in the eyes of the hurricane when, when he was having sex with his secretary in his office, he suddenly suffers from "penis chickens" and is trapped, unable to escape from it. The arrival of the medical team to take them to the hospital turns into video viruses from some employees, and he is fired by the company, having also been rejected by his girlfriend and foster family. Missed from public view, a year later Fidel decides to meet with his biological mother to restore his life, which gave him adoption after his birth. Going to the hotel, where Virginia works as a clean woman to meet her at the bar, Fidel mocks the waiter, who was a former trainee, causing his fury. Arriving at the bar, Virginia finds the furious Fidel leaves there, and she tries to stop him. Desperate and disappointed, Fidel tries to commit suicide by hitting the bus, striking hard and falling on the sidewalk. At the hospital, Virginia is studying ...
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